Monday, July 22, 2019

A Tale of Two Gaming Buddies: 3rd Ed. Warhammer Dwarf Army

Apparently I have been dragged into gaming Warhammer Fantasy 3rd Edition. I never really played any Fantasy games very much and even though my gaming life started out with roleplaying games, which was mostly Fantasy or Cthulhu adventures, my miniature hobby has mostly been based around various Sci-Fi and Post Apocalypse gaming (I did play Warmachine for some time, but I don't consider that pure Fantasy).

But as people who have been following my blog knows I have been working on a Dwarf army, on and off, for many years. First I tried painting it for 4th Edition Warhammer, then Dragon Rampant, then it had a brief but hectic tour around Age of Sigmar and now I guess I ended up where I really wanted to go in the beginning anyway; Warhammer Fantasy 3rd Edition.

So far I have only played a single game and to be honest I thought it was a bit of a mess. But I have far from given up on the rules or the army and I plan to fully dedicate myself to paint and game 3rd Edition Warhammer for a long time to come.

I am doing this project with my gaming buddy Dr., from Dr. The Viking's Miniature Games Hell and he is building and painting an Undead Army.

You can read the rules of the "game" here and I will just do a quick summery.

We take turns in posting a painted unit, ending up with each a painted army, no deadlines or stress, but we still plan to get it finished in around a year or so. The army lists will be posted in each blog post with the finished units maked in bold and the unfinished in normal lettering.

My army so far is a bit of a mess, some units painted a bit, some not at all, but I have tried to base the list off of the models I currently own and I might edit it a bit along the way, but to start out this will be what I aim to do:

Iron Hill Dwarfs Army List

Dwarf General:
Level 25, heavy armour, double handed axe 213pts

Dwarf Wizard:
Level 15 203pts

20 Dwarf Warriors:
Spear, light armour, banner, musician, level 5 champion 288pts

20 Bugmans Dwarfs:
hand weapon, light armour, shield, crossbows, banner, musician, level 20 hero 468pts

10 Iron Breakers:
+ 3 Elite, hand weapons, heavy armour, shield, banner, musician, level 5 hero 223pts

10 Iron Breakers:
+ 3 Elite, hand weapons, heavy armour, shield, banner, musician, level 5 hero 223pts

10 Hammerers:
+ 4 Elite, hand weapons, heavy armour, shield, level 5 hero 202pts

10 Quarrellers:
crossbows, light armour, musician, level 5 hero 183pts

1 Dwarf Crew 308pts

Dwarf Canon:
3 Crew 68pts

Flame Canon:
3 Crew 119pts

This army list is 2498pts and as such almost 500pts above the planned 2000pts, but like Dr. The Vikings army it will give me some space to pick different units from time to time.

To finish off I have a quick and ugly army shot, it includes some models that will not be in the army right away, but this is what I worked from when doing my list.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Catoplebas, Wild Boars and Other Fantasy

Recently I have been painting a bit again. I have been working hard on a Warlord Titan for the new Adeptus Titanicus, but it is still unfinished and then suddenly I saw this Ral Partha AD&D Catoplebas for sale and I just had to get it. I absolutely love old and strange miniatures, they are so full of character.

The strange backstory of these beasts immediately made for some great scenario plots, for skirmish gaming. So Dr. The Viking and I, of course, planned out a weird Fantasy skirmish setting, where we could use all sorts of old and wonderful miniatures.

Catoplebas or Death Cow.

The Catoplebas is apparently some kind of friendly dragon in the AD&D setting. It is based on some mythical beast from Africa, which has a deadly stare that can turn you to stone. If you milk it you can make the rare and precious Death Cheese.

I looked through my stash of miniatures and found some Wild Boar from Warbases and I thought they would fit into our setting too.

Lastly we needed some good guys and some bad guys.

The bad guys would be some Goblin raiding party, trying to steal away the Death Cow. Those will be assembled and painted by Dr. The Viking.

The good guys would be some Druids protecting the Catoplebas and they will get help from the local City Guards. 

I looked through my miniatures and didn't find many good guys, but I found one old Citadel Wizard, who could easily double as a Druid and Battle Lord Luigi, who will be the leader of the City Guard.

Right now I am waiting for some more old Grenadier models, from Mirliton, to bolster my good guys. I have a feeling this will be good and fun.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Legions of Steel (Boardgame)

I had this game lying around for a very long time and apparently I was getting nowhere with it. So while cleaning out I decided to sell it. As it turns out no one wanted to buy it and instead I painted the minis and decided to give it a go.

At first glance it is a lot like Space Hulk and that was also the main reason why I bought it in the first place. The creators wasn't shy about their influence either and as I understand they played Space Hulk and thought they could do the same, but better.

U.N.E Marines entering the coridors of the Machines.

The basis of the game is much like Space Hulk. You play as a bunch of power armoured Marines from the United Nations of Earth (U.N.E.) but instead of battling Genestealers you fight off some Terminator looking robots.

I guess there is not much to say really. It is maybe a bit more tactical than Space Hulk, but I wouldn't say it is better or worse, just depending on what you like. It has a bit less of the Aliens feeling, but then we have Terminator robots instead.

Very Space Hulk looking.

Same set up, maybe a bit better photo?

WIP on the Machines.

Now I played this a couple of times and I would like to play it again. I don't know if it will be anything I will game on a regular basis, but then again I don't really play anything regularily anymore.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Tzeentch Warband Part I

I finally got around to take some ok pictures of my growing Tzeentch Warband. I chose the best 9 of the pics and I present the Chaos Warband of Gaston De'Lune and his Followers of Change.

The complete warband so far.

It is a bit embarrassing, but so far Gaston have not managed to lure a Sorcerer to his cause. But in the spirit of change a Tzeentch warband with no magic is probably quite different. Still Gaston hopes to get the aid of a skilled Magician in the near future.

The Guardian, Gaston De'Lune and Uthmog Elvenblade

Backside details.

Gaston De'Lune.

Gaston is an disillusioned noble with no inheritance. As a trained knight he chose to try his luck in other ways and went on to form a group of brigands travelling aimlessly through the land pillaging as they go along.

Gaston has pledged his allegiance to Tzeentch as he seek to plot revenge on his family who turned his back on him. What better God to align with than the Changer of the Ways, when you want to change things for the better... at least for yourself...

Uthmog Elvenblade.

Uthmog is Gastons right hand man. Uthmog is an experienced Chaos Champion, but has no trouble following the much younger Gaston, as long as it pays well.

Secretly Uthmog might has his own reasons to suddenly follow the ways of Tzeentch, but so far he just enjoys the changing of opponent from alive to dead with his heavy hammer.

The Guardian.

A mysterious man or beast. He never speaks and no one really knows how he came to join the group. But he seems to be blessed by Tzeentch. Is it his head on the top of a long neck or just a strange mask or hat? No one knows.

Chaos Thug Champion and Beastlord.

A mighty Chaos Thug Champion and Beastlord has joined the warband. Both hold promises of hordes of thugs and beastmen to join Gaston in the future.

Pink and Blue Horrors.

Two Pink Horrors was gifted to Gaston, as demonic aid, when he made the pledge to serve Tzeentch. With the ability to turn into Blue Horrors, these are relentless on the battlefield.

Gzaz-Bagg - Chaos Troll.

Gzaz-Bag was quick to join Gaston. Relying mostly on brute force, he is a bit crude for the taste of Tzeentch, but as long as he bashes the heads of the stagnating enemies of Tzeentch, Gaston lets him change the world in hos own ways.