Sunday, April 5, 2020

Resin Scatter Terrain (Part I)

Recently I have been painting a lot of random stuff, but not really finished anything worth posting about. Or so I thought. But one thing that might deserve a post is the random resin scatter terrain I have painted.

Over the years I have accumulated a lot of small terrain bits and pieces. But mostly it has just been lying around unpainted. So here is some of the stuff I painted recently.

Bort and the Rascals defending their desert outpost.

But it seems that Mon S'lant kicked them out.

This is just completely randomly chosen objects, so no actual plans to use them for anything really specific. I made some grafitti here and there, some tie in with our RT campaign and some is just again random.

I think a lot of this kind of stuff can bring the table to a new level. It makes settlements seem populated and can be used spice up and costumize a lot of different set-ups.

Resin pieces are mostly from Pardulon, some Fogou Models and I think there is some Ainsty Castings too...

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Rogue Trading Rejects and Outlaws

Continueing with some models for Rogue Trader. This time I have a mix of different personalities. Some painted recently and some just got their bases and paintjobs updated a bit.

In space there is a fine line between the good guys and the bad guys. So these can be outlaws in some parts of the universe or heroes in other parts.

These guys are up to no good!

Pratai Tarbh

Bounty hunter, space pirate, gun for hire, assassin, bodyguard. Anything that involves killing people. Pratai Tarbh carries a mastercrafted bolter with an extra long handle and twinlinked lasgun horns.


This guy doesn't just stink, he reeks of death. Armed with a homemade poisoned gassing device he likes to take his victims alive, this way he can sell them as slaves later. Mini is from Krakon Games' Stargrind line.

Dr. Jarro

Dr. Jarro used to be a brilliant scientist with a brilliant brain, now he is just a brain. But luckily enough when his body collapsed in a lab accident somebody acted quickly and put his brain in a jar, later attaching it to a robotic body. Unfortunately the process has now made him a mad scientist instead of a brilliant one. Mini is from Black Cat Bases.


Bort used to manufacture licence plates, but one day he got tired with the routine and just took off into the ash wastes.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Space Police Agents and Ork Weirdboy

This time I have a mix of some old and some new. I repainted an Ork Weirdboy and I slightly updated a couple of Four A Miniatures (I believe another company bought the rights to these, I thought it was Macrocosm, but could not find them on their page). Also there is a dog.

The Four A guys are painted in mostly blue and white colours, which is the universal colours of police types, so they are a couple of rogue space police/enforcers, travelling around with their dog and apparently arresting Ork Weirdboys.

"Hands up you scum!"


The Weirdboy doesn't have a name like the other guys, he is going to be part of my Ork forces, for now they are still a nameless bunch of raiders.

I was searching for this Weirdboy for quite some time and when I finally got it I painted it right away. It was already painted and I decided to paint on top of the existing paintjob as a guide/inspiration when I made his colours fit my Ork gang.

Original paintjob

Side by side


Once a cop, always a cop. He used to be a big shot crime investigator on Earth, but his drinking problems got him discharged with disgrace. Now he is a low life copper hunting down trouble in the far reaches of the known Universe.

Sams Eye

Sams Eye is not really called Sams Eye, but everybody has been calling him that since he was stationed on the far away outpost moon Sams Eye. Now he is just known as the Copper from Sams Eye.


Gut is a good dog. Friendly and happy. Sometimes he eats out the guts of outlaws too.

Sunday, January 26, 2020

More Rogue Trader Pirates

A few more members for Erythron Mon S'Lant's crew. This time I have a couple of bounty hunters/guns for hire type dudes.

I am not 100% sure if they are all done, but for now they are good enough for gaming.

A dynamic duo of killing machines


Venkman is a pretty cool dude, he wears a thick layer of armor and has a mechanical arm, which he hustled some limb doctor for on the black market. He likes money of any kind and will change loyalty at any point he smells bigger money, like a real hired gun should.


Fenn is a cloned warrior from a far away galaxy. His expertise from long forgotten wars has made him a deadly oponent for anyone in his way.


Good old jolly Nick, he is not really part of the Mon S'Lant crew, but I thought I would post him since I finally finished him after being nearly done for 5 years or so.

I think Nick will show up some day, maybe flying in on a jet cycle dealing justice to the bad guys and such.