Monday, October 22, 2018

Tzeentch Warband WIP

So, now I am doing an Oldhammer Tzeentch Warband. It is just work in progress, so far, but I promise to post more (and better) images as things get more finished...

A Chaos Champion, base unfinished.

A messy group shot.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Throwback Saturday

Things have admittedly been going really slow around here lately. I am not painting or gaming much anymore and most of my miniatures time goes with sorting my collection, selling off unwanted items and projects I never get around to finish.

Then this thing happened today. I was sorting out old files in the computer and I fell upon a folder of pictures of my old Blood Angels army. This army was mostly done in the time of 40K 2nd edition, but it didn't get any game time untill 4th.

The paintjob is deffinately not up to my current standard, but some of you guys might get a kick out of seing this anyway.

Complete Army.



Larger command section. 

Death Company.


Some of the Rogue Trader guys.

Medic on bike.


Tactical Squad 1.

Tactical Squad 2.



Most of this army has been sold off long time ago, but I have kept some of the older models and have them lying around somewhere.

It would be funny to put a unit or two of these guys on the table once more.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

My First Fully Painted Fantasy Army

If you have been following this blog or know me well, then you also know that I have been mainly dabling in Sci-Fi miniatures of all sorts. But lately it seems that the Fantasy bug has bitten me. 

As mentioned previously I had been struggling to paint an Oldhammer Dwarf Army, but since we started playing Age of Sigmar I have actually been able to fully paint a gameable army. Only 1000 points so far, mind you, but I have plenty of models to expand my army.

The Classic Army Pose!

So far my army consist of the following characters and units:

Dwarf General

Two units of 10 Warriors
One unit of 10 Quarrellers

A Cannon and a Giant

Friday, March 9, 2018

Heartbreaker Hobbies Dark Dwarfs

Ever since I saw these lovely (but odd) Dwarf miniatures, from Heartbreaker Hobbies, I wanted to use them with my other Oldhammer Dwarfs. They didn't quite fit in with their rather strange style, but still I couldn't help myself buying a bunch of them. The ones I have is actually a mix of the Heartbreaker Dark Dwarfs and their "normal" Dwarfs, but I decided to do them all as Dark Dwarfs since their style is more similar to each other, than to the rest of my Dwarfs.

Complete unit of 10 Dwarfs.

First I was going to paint them as D&D Duargar, but trying out a lot of different paint schemes I could not really find one I liked. In the end i came up with the combo of bluish skin and white hair and I think it generally works.

Their attire is mainly armour, but on their clothed parts I decided to stick with my army's main colour scheme of red and white. Again this works out fine for most minis, but I am not 100% satisfied with everything.

Second row.

Fluff-wise these will be allied Dark Dwarfs from the Under Mountain, but AoS game-wise they will be played as Dwarf Warriors with hand weapons and shields.

Some backside details og shields and such.

Building on the background story for my Dwarf Army the main portion of my Dwarfs left the mountains and moved to the hills outside the main human settlements, acquiring the lifestyle and habits of the humans. This works well with the Marauder and White Knight renaissance style minis and of course some of my older Dwarfs are just grumpy and still do it the old ways.

Then we have these Dark Dwarfs now. In my background story for them I decided that these are the Dwarfs that stayed behind in the mountains. Apparently something happened there which drove their regular kin to move and the same event has driven these guys to dig deeper and now live deep beneath the mountain.

The Dark Dwarfs have become twisted in mind and appearance, but when a war is fought on the ground they still come to help their distant relatives. Not only because they are related, but also because they just love the bloodshed and mayhem.