Friday, June 26, 2015

A Church

Last Christmas I bought a lasercut decoration church at the supermarket, I thought it was a good scale for 28mm gaming and it was pretty cheap. It would need a little work, but I thought it would be easy to make it look good enough for gaming.

Here is the result after a few hours, spread out over a couple of days, of building and painting.

S.W.A.T. Team surrounding the church.

Some work in progress images below. Not much work was put into it.

1. Glue the church together and insert some cardboard on the back of the windows.
2. Glue some corrugated card as the roof.
3. Paint with with sand in the paint.
4. Paint the roof.
5. Glue on some cardboard doors and paint windows and doors.


It is very basic, but I think it looks good and usefull. I have spent around £4 + some paint and time on this project. I would say it was worth it.