Sunday, October 8, 2017

The Age of Sigmar Cometh!

So I guess it has been nearly a year since my last post. Again life just got in the way for some time, but hopefully I can bring back some action to this blog.

Today I met up with Dr. The Viking from Dr. The Viking's Miniature Games Hell. Apparently we got sucked into the Games Workshop vortex once again and now we are playing Age of Sigmar (YIKES!).

Dr. The Viking has been speedpainting a Chaos Horde (You can go to his blog to see the progress) and I have dug up my Oldhammer Dwarfs. 

I never got around to finish an actual Warhammer army and when we gamed Dragon Rampant I never managed to finsh an army for that either, so my army still consist of a lot of unfinished models among the few I have finished so far.

There is really not much more to say. We are just having some fun with miniatures.

Some unfinished Heartbreaker Dwarfs.


Khorne Warriors approaching.

A bit of cavalry.

The small and fat red line.

More action.

Age of Sigmar seems to be pretty easy on the rules side, while still having enough meat on the bones to give each unit their own flavour. So far I like it.