Thursday, December 30, 2021

Orktober 2021

 According to official Ork lore every month is Orktober...

Nob 'Umin Gut'Nasha and his Death Skull Boyz.

Like all my other 40K and Rogue Trader stuff it is something I paint on and off from time to time. So with all that crazy 40K 2nd edition going on I found out that I have enough Orks to field a small 1-2000pts army. I devided them up in Mobs and it seems to work out.

First finished unit is some Death Skull Boyz. I always liked the blue face look, but not so much the raggedy look of the patched together clothes and gear. So my Death Skull Mob has the blue faces, but chose to wear a rather uniform look of military style green and brown colours.

Ork Minder.

This is a random Ork I painted during summer. He only has one ear and is wearing purple outfit, he is clearly crazy, so I have decided to make him a minder for my Wierd Boy. Eventually he will get a banner.

The nasty lads.

Power Armour Nob will join a unit of Evil Sunz Nobs and Thrugg has been degraded to a simple Ork Minder after he joined the Ork Big Mob. Maybe that will change in the future....

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Warhammer 40K 2nd Edition Challenge August 2021

Well blimey, I almost forgot to post my finished Squat Army from the challenge. Of course it is not really finished, but the challenge is over and I managed to paint the models I set out to paint and more.

At the end of the challenge I was a bit run out of energy and it was a bit of a stretch to get finished. Instead of my original planned bonus round entry I had to substitute with the Ogryns (which is OK too, since I already planned to add those to my forces, but it was not what I had wanted to do).

The combined Squat forces of Tauron Mining Company.

I am pretty pleased with the army so far and I look forward to trying it out in some games. My future plans for this is to do some touch ups here and there, change some bits and bops, muscle in the rest of my unpainted Squat models and maybe add a small Imperial Guard allied force at some point.

Ogryns ready to deal out punishment.

I also have a couple of more Ogryns lined up, they are such great fun models to paint and if I am lucky they might also work out on the battle field.

Also to round up I did talk about doing a reworking of a 2nd Edition Squat Codex and I hope to eventually proceed with that. My plans are to generally base it on the Black Codex Army List from the starter set, some from Rogue Trader, some from other fanmade lists. To focus on existing models mostly, so probably not huge changes, but I can again mention the Thermite Drill of course, it will need work and playtesting, I want to make it a bit like drop pod, but it needs to have ram value and I have been speculating on the entry rules, but let's see what happens. Other things will be like the possibility to equip troops with bolters, since a lot of the old model have those.

Anyway, enough ramblings, check out the other finalists at Dr. The Viking's c0wabunga 

And I am already prepping a Genestealer Cult for the 3rd installment of the challenge.


Saturday, August 7, 2021

Warhammer 40K 2nd Edition Challenge July 2021

This is the end... Almost. I finished the Squat Army I set out to do and even put in some bonus units and characters already, but as things go I am (of course) already re-working on some units to make them fit better with the Army thing-a-Mading. Hopefully I can really present a fully functional Squat Army next month with the full Army shot and all, but let us see what happens.

Squat Biker Guild or is it The Black Widows?

For this month I painted my five Squat Bikers. They look a bit different than the rest of my army, less greens and a lot of black. I thought since they are part of the Biker Guild they probably are less military inclined and more into black leather, skulls and rock n roll.

To be honest I don't like the Hearthguard very much, but in the end I opted to finish him instead of just pondering what to do with that model. I still think he feels a bit out of place there, but I gave him a banner and at least that looks ok.

"Ride out.... Whomever gets to Dr. The Vikings first choses the pizza topping..."

So rock on over to Dr. The Vikings Oldschool c0wabunga and grab a slice of the pizza!

Monday, July 5, 2021

Robot Head Tech War (Rogue Trader Battle Report)

This is a documentation of a skirmish which took place almost a year ago now (or maybe two? I am no longer sure). Anyway there is a lot of things going on as this was part of Erythron Mon S'lants ongoing quest to clear his name and profit.

On his way to find transportation Mon S'lant has so far failed a lot and now he finds himself in the middle of a Tech War focusing around Robot Head technology. He has put a new crew together, since most of his old chums got caught doing trouble or killed off.

Arnst Tod has infiltrated local Robot Eliminator Detectives, the R.E.D. to flush out Mon S'lant and in the process confiscate all 8 bit VIC-II modules for robot head agressor upgraing (or something).

As a distration one of the bio fuel containers was set to explode.....

"What? Oh no, I gotta report this to Vector"

But not only is Arnst Tod coming with his R.E.D. guards, the commotion has also awoken the attention of Ern and his local tribe of vegan cannibals.

Ern and his chums has chosen not to eat anything but plants, which is a fine thought, but since there is next to no eatable plantlife on Melnibonia it is also a very hard life. Some plants can kill you right away, other plants just taste terrible. So in a moment of brilliance Ern figured out that the meateaters should have a taste of their own medicine and his tribe turned to cannibalizing all meateating humans (and other tasty, ehm, evil meateating humanoids).

Arnst stand back watching Erns tribe swooping on to the Robot Head factory.

Commodore security troops search the perimeter to find out where the exploding sound came from and to figure out if anything of value or importance has been damaged.

Professor Doc. "Hi there, we come to barter for Droid parts"
Russell of the Commodore Sec. "Stand down, we gotta scan you first"

Mon S'lant and his crew meanwhile lurks in the vicinity.

During this part of the scrimmish the Vegan Cannibals start to take down any meat they can and searching for a droid with com uplink so they can send out their agenda into the eather. Arnst and the R.E.D. guards easily take most of the out though and sends a man into the underground tunnels to explore them.

"Go vegan or go to your grave filthy meateater!"

The R.E.D. Guards managed to pop a man up from the sewers and right into the heart of the C= store where he promtly scanned the databanks to see if anything illigal was to be found. He only found a few pirate copies of Sam Fox Strip Poker, anything else had been either erased or put in other places for safe keeping.

Vector "Get that man away from there..."

Fisticuffs ensue...

To conclude: I have no idea what this ended with, but I guess we might find out one day...

Part I can be found here: PART I
Part II can be found here: PART II

Don't know if any parts were missed too. But if this campaign takes off again it will probably go onto and you can also read more about the R.E.D. Guard here: R.E.D. Guards

Thursday, July 1, 2021

Warhammer 40K 2nd Edition Challenge June 2021

Another month has quickly passed. With my planning up front I had only a Termite, Living Ancestor and Mole Mortar + Crew for this month and I felt it would be quite manageable. Well I did manage to get it done, but once again only in the very last minute. I was having some trouble of different kind, but in the end I guess the important thing really is that I am still on track and actually quite close to my final goal.

Termites surfacing under cover of Mole Mortar fire.

I had already painted one Termite before the challenge (which I included in the pic) and with a bit touch up on that I now have two ready to go. 

The only thing left I am missing now is five bikes.

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Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Warhammer 40K 2nd Edition Challenge May 2021

Another month has suddenly rushed by. Since last time I did manage to get a game in and test out the little buggers. It was great fun to play 40K 2nd edition again and I really look forward to field my Squats Host again in the future.

I was using the fanmade "Yellow Codex", which I also constructed my army for this challenge around. It turned out to work well for most parts, but other parts was not really to my liking and I have been tinkering with the idea of making my own Codex Squats at some point. Mostly I just want to build onto existing rules and lore and tweak a few things and I am especially looking in the direction of the Thermites here, but let's see what happens.

Exos and Musician

Squat Musician

Army Shot

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Sunday, May 9, 2021

Warhammer 40K 2nd Edition Challenge April 2021

Hi there. My second month feels a bit like kind of a fail month to me. I did manage to pull off what I intended quite early and was hoping to top it up with yet another bonus unit. But as time came and went I did not manage to finish the bonus unit after all. So in last minute style I got my photos taken and sent.

April months entry for the challenge.

What I have here is Blue Squad with a plasma gun at 76pts, Squat Warlord in Exo Armour at 114pts, a Thudd Gun with crew at 51pts.

Bringing me to a total of 241pts for this round and still in the game. That is 478pts in total of my army challenge and 555pts with the added bonus Squad from last month.

Hopefully they will see some action soon too. Only a terrible cold on my part managed to hamper a planned game. But looking at the stats and list I have done so far it really made me think I might need a bit more punch and armour to add. I must see where this leads. 

Tron: Squat Warlord in Exo Armour

Thudd Gun

Blue Squad: Warriors

Army Shot

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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Warhammer 40K 2nd Edition Challenge March 2021

For my first entry I chose to go for a lot of infantry. I did this for several reasons, main one being to get a good head start to the challenge, but also build up a backbone for the army up front, to set the paint scheme and theme. So for March I painted Orange Helmet Warrior Squad with a Flamer special weapon and Green Helmet Thunderer Squad with 2 Heavy Bolters and 2 Lascannons, as a bonus I also finished Red Helmet Warrior Squad with another Flamer.

Only Orange and Green was a part of the challenge and accounts for 237pts of 1011pts total, but with the added 77 pts Red Squad I am now at 314pts.

For gaming reasons I have chosen to go "count as" weaponwise with the Squats, so any non standard weapon is a lasgun, for this challenge I took basic cost for all units and only added point cost for heavy and special weapon upgrades, for games unit commanders will probably also be upgraded with weapons and such. Each unit of 5 Squats has been given a special helmet colour coding.

So I am at a whooping start entry of 237pts (314pts with bonus models)/1011pts

Green Squad: Thunderers

Orange Squad: Warriors

Red Squad: Warriors

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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Warhammer 40K 2nd Edition Challenge

Hi guys, long time no see I guess. It has been Covid times and it has really had both ups and downs here. As usual I have been busy with painting miniatures, playing miniature games, but also a lot of non miniatures related stuff.

The main reason I haven't really posted anything is that I haven't felt I had anything new to bring. I like to finish units, gangs or projects before showcasing and most of the time I have been stagnating before getting things all the way.

Eventually I hope to get a lot of small projects finished and use a bit more time documenting it all here.

In the meantime I have joined a challenge to paint a 1000pts Warhammer 40K 2nd Edition army in six months. Run by Dr. The Viking over at old school c0wabunga. You can visit there to see the basic rules of the challenge.

Below is my starting point and the description going along with my challenge.

Approximately 1000pts 2nd Edition Squat Army

I have been playing miniature games or painting miniatures for most of my life. Beginning back in the late ’80s/early ’90s with random RPG miniatures, then moving on to miniature board games like Space Hulk or Blood Bowl and eventually getting caught up in Epic Space Marine and Warhammer 40,000.

 For this challenge, I have chosen a long neglected project of mine: painting a playable Squat Army for Warhammer 40,000 2nd edition. I already have a few Squats painted to some degree. I have been using those for Rogue Trader skirmish, Necromunda and even a bit of allying to my Space Marines in Warhammer 40,000. But even though I have been holding on to most of these models for 20 years or so I never really managed to get on with them. 

I based my model choices for the challenge on what I found most iconic of Squats and also on my current collection – I don’t want to go out buying anything extra (yet…). I also stayed clear of most of the painted minis I had, only one Thunderer had to get included and he is not really 100% painted yet.  

I ended up with 2 Warrior Squads, 1 Thunderer Squad and 1 Exo Armor Squad. With the Exo Armor Squats being the most iconic of these I bought them a Termite transport to get them up front wrecking havoc in the enemy lines. To lead them I took a Warlord in Exo Armor. Here I am using an old OOP Bob Olley model from Fantastic Miniatures. He is a bit bigger and meaner than the old ones and seems perfect as a leader for my army. I also took a Living Ancestor, another iconic Squat model, this will give me an edge in the Psychic Phase. For support I had to take a unit of Bikes, a Thudd Gun and a Mole Mortar, bringing me up to a total of 1,011 points. If I combine this with my already painted models and a bit of wargear, then I think I am very close to 1,500 points and I still have a few more models to add later.

Here is the link to the 1st Wave: 2nd Edition Challenge Wave 1