Thursday, September 12, 2019

Space Marine and Machine Gun Wizard

First of all, I have been painting a lot of WFB Dwarfs since my last post, but my energy level hasn't really been at a point where I have been able to set up for a photo session. I hope I get around to do it soon.

I the meanwhile I guess I got a bit of painters block with the Dwarfs and I needed to try something new for a change, to kickstart my painting again.

So the other day I was looking around on Google Images for pics of old minis and I fell over a Rogue Trader Ultra Marines army. I really liked the look of this one guy in Artificer Armour and as I knew I had him in my leadpile I decided to give him a go. I know I usually paint Blood Angels, but having a blue guy kicking about can't hurt.

Space Marine in Artificer Armour.

I decided to keep it real simple, mostly just blue and metal (as the original model I saw) and I quite like the simplicity. Sometimes I like a lot of details and bling, other times the real basic paintjob just works best for me.

Also I bought this Machine Gun Wizard a little while ago and instead of letting him collect dust in the leadpile I decided to paint him right away.

Wand of Magic Missiles?

The Wizard really looks shiny on these pics. In the real world it is not so bad, but I have been thinking of trying to give him a layer of Dull Coat. If I ever get around to it I might post some new pics.

Hopefully coming up soon is the follow up on my Dwarf army.