Saturday, October 26, 2013

Rogue Trader Blood Angels... Lots of Them...

When I started playing miniature games the first things I got into was boardgames with miniatures. Hero Quest at first and later I got into stuff like Space Fleet, Blood Bowl, Space Hulk and such and when I eventually crossed over to tabletop gaming my love fell on Space Marine (the 2nd edition of Epic 40K).

For many years I was entirely satisfied with gaming boardgames and Epic. But as years went by the people I was gaming with lost interest or we lost contact. I was still interested in miniatures but for many years I did not actively seek out other people to play with.

At that point I decided to buy myself some 40K miniatures, since it seemed like they would be more fun to paint than Epic miniatures. I decided to paint them as Blood Angels (previous I had been painting my Epic marines as Dark Angels).

It was the time of 40K 2nd edition, but already then I was more in love with the older miniatures that I remembered seeing at the gaming store in my childhood. So I was trying to get as many of the beaky 2nd edition marines I could find in the stores. It was the 90s and the wonders of the internet had still to bloom in full.

Eventually I discovered Ebay and dumped my 2nd edition army, started collecting Rogue Trader marines and (almost) never looked back.

Right now I am on my third Blood Angels army and this time around I am generally satisfied with the direction it is going and even though I now and then update a bit on the paint job I think it is painted to an OK tabletop quality for gaming.

My painted forces so far...

Librarian, Lieutenant, Inquisitor, Gyrinx and Astropath.

Psyker and Tactical Marines.

More Tactical Marines.

Assault Marines.

Closer look of the Assault Marines.

Even more Marines.



More Terminators and powerglowed Marine.

Army shot including assembled and unpainted Marines.

I really do have a lot more Marines, but some are either painted in my old (and ugly) style or still await to be assembled, stripped or prepared for painting. In the years I have collected Space Marines I have managed to get almost all the Rogue Trader Marines and by now I am only missing the last few pieces to complete my collection.

I will probably never get around to finish painting everything in my collection, but no matter what game or genre I currently play it always seem that I end back with Space Marines and Rogue Trader stuff....

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Finished Terrain Pieces

For some time I haven't painted all that much, I have had a lot of things to do, which is not gaming related and when I have had the time to paint I have mostly been working on a few terrain pieces or I have been painting stuff which has yet to be finished.

But I have been able to (almost) finish a few terrain pieces. These pieces have been really fun to work on and I think they ended up looking rather nice.

I will present them a bit backwards since I have previously shown WIP photos of the pieces I finished last.

First I present the Rogue Trader watchtower and solar power plant:

A Rogue Trader Inquisitor in front of an Imperial Outpost.

These two pieces go well with some bunkers I did last year and even though I added a GW Imperial Eagle to the tower I think they are generic enough to be used for any sci-fi setting
Detail on the backside of the tower.

There is still a bit more work to be done on these two pieces. I would like to add some numbers to the door of the tower and my old bunkers and such, but for now I save that for later.

To round off these two I have a few WIP photos, which might or might not interest some.

The tower upside down (it used to be a wooden vase).

Entrance and greenstuff added.

One of my Gyrinx' helping me out.

Tile adhesive added for texture.


Some of the usual chaos in our living room... Ehm my work area.

Sorry about the questionmarks in some of the pictures, but that is because I was working on a secret project at the same time. Since then the secret has been revealed and it turned out to be a statue which is designated for a fictitious city called Røvede, which we use a setting in our gaming group. It will probably go well with modern gaming, pulp and would be fine for sci-fi and much other too.

I hope you guys like it.

Founder of Røvede - Stein Bagger.

I didn't take many WIP pictures of this piece. Actually I only took pictures while working on the plinth after the statue was painted, so unless anyone really want to see those pictures I will just forget about those for now.

As most of you probably can guess, the statue is some souvenir I picked up in Belgium. I do think it is a bit silly, but that will fit fine with my gaming group, since most of the people I game with is rather silly too.

The miniatures in the picture is a mix of old GW, Black Cat Bases, RAFM and Reaper Miniatures.

And to finish up this update I have a picture of some of the upcoming terrain I am working on:

Lot of junk, to keep in the Rogue Trader theme.