Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Sorry, No Blog Post This Month

Hello All.

I am sorry, but this month won't have any real update. I have a few finished projects I would like to post about soon, but I have been dealing with some health issues and just havn't had the energy to clear the desc, set up for photo shoot and post about it.

I just wanted to make clear that I am not planning to close down the blog and even though I am continueing in a slow pace I really hope to keep up for many years to come.

Hopefully next month will see me post about my recently painted Jabberwock, my finished unit of 6 Tyranid Warriors and the continuation of my Medieval Squats project (Or Dragon Rampant Dwarf Army as it is being used for currently).

And also an upcoming blog post about these guys I found on Ebay:

For now, take care and I'll be back soon.