Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Vor the Maelstrom

For some time I have been having some miniatures for Vor the Maelstrom lying around. I had painted up five and never got any longer with the project. So I decided to finish up a few more and give the old five a little touch up.

Union Troopers fighting across a Deathworld in the Maelstrom...

Posing for the photographer...

I kind of like these miniatures, even though they are not perfect, but they have the right look of rough soldiers on campaign, with lot of bags, equipment and pouches.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Jokaero/Orangutan Gang

I have had a couple of Jokaero lying around unpainted for some time and finally thought I should finish them. I already had a small Jokaero/Orangutan gang, so the two new guys had a nice bunch to join already.

I tried using a little different pallette then what I used on the already painted guys.

New and old style Jokaero.

The complete gang!

The two guys in the back sporting huge guns are from Sgt Major Miniatures.
The big guy sitting down on the right is from Black Cat Bases.

I was told by the Sgt Major Guys that they would probably do some more armed Orangutan during 2013, but it was not on top of their to do list, so anyone interested in seing more Orangutans with guns should write them and tell them we need more!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ambull and Ar-Men

Here is some miniatures I just finished painting. I don't know what I will use them for, but I just felt like painting some awesome miniatures for no perticular reason. 

The Ambull has been lying around for years and I guess it was about time it got some paint. 

The Ar-Men are from Black Hat Miniatures, I bought them last year together with some of the great Coat D'Arms paints. I thought they looked really bad ass and I kind of have a soft spot for furry sci-fi creatures.

The Ambull.

The Ar-Men... The range is larger, but I only bought one pack to start out with.

Head on clash!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Deathworld Cacti

To test out this new world of blogging I will start out with posting a turtorial of making Deathworld Cacti. I did make these some time ago, but I thought this would be a nice start.

Here is the materials to start out with:
1. Some polystyrene balls in different sizes
2. Some coctail sticks
3. Some sculpting clay
4. A few old CDs for bases

First I put some clay on the styrene balls to make a flat base which can be attached to the CDs.
Now they should be left to dry over night and then spikes can be added.
I cut the coctail sticks in fitting lenghts and attach them to the polystyrene balls.
You may want to use a bit of glue in the holes to hold the coctail sticks in place.

Now I apply a mix of chinchilla sand and tile adhesive. This is done to give the cacti some texture.

Basecoating with a dark green colour.

Drybrushing with a lighter green colour.
You can also use more toxic greens if you want them to look radioactive or such.

Spikes are painted in a classic red colour.

Sand is added to the bases.

The bases are painted in appropriate colours to match your tabble.

This is a very easy and cheap way to make some classic Deathworld terrain, it can be used in most sci-fi settings and probably wouldn't be out of place in a fantasy setting either.

In the future I plan to make some more which will either be based on some more irregular cut out bases or individually on washers. But for now these will work fine and have already seen a bit of actione.

Slow Beginnings!

Coming soon, I am still having a hard time with layout and such...