Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Warhammer 40K 2nd Edition Challenge March 2021

For my first entry I chose to go for a lot of infantry. I did this for several reasons, main one being to get a good head start to the challenge, but also build up a backbone for the army up front, to set the paint scheme and theme. So for March I painted Orange Helmet Warrior Squad with a Flamer special weapon and Green Helmet Thunderer Squad with 2 Heavy Bolters and 2 Lascannons, as a bonus I also finished Red Helmet Warrior Squad with another Flamer.

Only Orange and Green was a part of the challenge and accounts for 237pts of 1011pts total, but with the added 77 pts Red Squad I am now at 314pts.

For gaming reasons I have chosen to go "count as" weaponwise with the Squats, so any non standard weapon is a lasgun, for this challenge I took basic cost for all units and only added point cost for heavy and special weapon upgrades, for games unit commanders will probably also be upgraded with weapons and such. Each unit of 5 Squats has been given a special helmet colour coding.

So I am at a whooping start entry of 237pts (314pts with bonus models)/1011pts

Green Squad: Thunderers

Orange Squad: Warriors

Red Squad: Warriors

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