Thursday, December 30, 2021

Orktober 2021

 According to official Ork lore every month is Orktober...

Nob 'Umin Gut'Nasha and his Death Skull Boyz.

Like all my other 40K and Rogue Trader stuff it is something I paint on and off from time to time. So with all that crazy 40K 2nd edition going on I found out that I have enough Orks to field a small 1-2000pts army. I devided them up in Mobs and it seems to work out.

First finished unit is some Death Skull Boyz. I always liked the blue face look, but not so much the raggedy look of the patched together clothes and gear. So my Death Skull Mob has the blue faces, but chose to wear a rather uniform look of military style green and brown colours.

Ork Minder.

This is a random Ork I painted during summer. He only has one ear and is wearing purple outfit, he is clearly crazy, so I have decided to make him a minder for my Wierd Boy. Eventually he will get a banner.

The nasty lads.

Power Armour Nob will join a unit of Evil Sunz Nobs and Thrugg has been degraded to a simple Ork Minder after he joined the Ork Big Mob. Maybe that will change in the future....