Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Fishmen and Ferro Beasts

Some time ago I took some quick photos of my Fishmen I got from Wargames Foundry and I promised to take some better photos at a later point. As things turned out I never got around to do so, but now I found some other sci-fi Fishmen from Wargames Supply Dump and I thought it would be a good time to take out the two old Fishmen again.

And lately it seems that Rogue Trader Ferro Beasts have been the big thing in the Oldhammer community and of course I needed some of my own too. So after Christmas I put in an order with Black Tree Design and added a couple of their Rust Monsters to my order. 

 A couple of Marines get ambushed on a swampy Death World.

I found some old mushroom terrain from Scotia Grendel.

I think the Wargames Supply Dump Fishmen look a bit dated compared to the ones from Foundry, but they are good enough for me. I am thinking of using them as Lesser Fishmen, kind of a lower state of evolution to the more advanced Foundry Fishmen who are clever enough to use more equipment.

Wargames Supply Dmp Fishmen left and right, Foundry in the middle.

And a closer look at the Ferro Beasts together with a RT Medic.

The medic is not all finished yet, I need to add a Blood Angels logo to the red circle on the banner. I think I want to paint it on myself rather than use a transfer, but my free hand is not so good yet, so I want to practise some more before I give it a go.

Luckily these Ferro Beasts don't eat power armour.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Battle For Amasec (40K 2nd Edition Battle Report)

Dr. The Viking (of Dr. The Viking's Miniature Games Hell) and myself decided to start out the year with some 40K 2nd Edition. We played ~ 2000 points and it took us almost 8 hours....

The situation started with an alarm call from the colony Baxta 1 on Yx dated 847.M41/132l. Colonist claimed that Orks had overrun their settlement and taken hold in the settlements amasec producing facilities.
Amasec is of vital importance in this sector as it is the main channeling substance for Imperial righteousness and belief.

Inquisitor Gar and a retinue of Space Marines was sent to the planet to investigate.

The initial report of the Inquisitor is represeneted below.

+++Incomplete Report from Inquisitor Gar, planet Yx, the Coldburn Sector+++

Date 847.M41/244

Snippet is missing due to intersystem E-field disturbances.

"...The colonists have therefore decided to flee the settlement. Production of amasec has completely ceased. The production must be restored before riots ensue. The Orks present in the settlement seem to hail to the Warlord called Batshit. An assault has been prepared for 847.M41/300 which is the annual Ork shooting festivity. They Orks should be drunk by then."

+++Report ends+++

We had a couple of special rules added, like the Orks should roll each turn to see which units or vehicle crews were drunk and we had to drink some beer too.... My pictures turned out pretty blurred, maybe Dr. The Viking took some better... But here goes:

An overview of the battlefield during turn 1.

Drunken Orks climbing over the rooftops.

Inquisitor Gar (left), with a retinue of Mercenaris and Marines.

The Lieutenant charges across the street, covered by the Terminators.

The Medic revives the Librarian after he recieved a direct hit from a plasma canon.

I quickly painted the Medic for this battle, but he is not all done yet.

Turn 3: The Terminators holds the street!

And this was apparently my last picture...

This picture came next in my camera....

The battle raged a bit back and forth, the Orks started out pretty good (even though most vehicle crews were drunk from turn one. An out of control Wartrak managed to shoot a direct hit on the Librarian and gave him 12 wounds or something like that. Luckily the Medic near by managed to revive him to one wound and after that the Medic and the Librarian camped out in cover sending out loads of Psychic Smite to the Ork hordes.

On the left flank the Inquisitor was standing half the game looking the wrong way, but when he decided to join the battle he singlehandedly wiped out the Ork Commandos. Not that it had much influence to the general game, but I guess it was outweighed by Warboss Batshits decision to sit back and forget to do anything for the first two turns too.

A Marine Squad had decided to take cover in the building opposite to the Amasec Brewery, but when they had positioned themselves in the building it took a hit from a Leman Russ battle-canon and everyone was falling around inside and did not do much good in this game.

I think in the end the battle was probably won by the Marines. The Amsec Brewery had been secured and most of the Ork vehicles had been destroyed, but had the game continued a few turns more it is hard to tell what could have happened.

The game was long, chaotic and great fun, so if this is setting the standard for my 2014 gaming year I will look forward to what other old school adventures we will experience.