Monday, April 29, 2013

Space Hulk and the Genestealer Cult

Space Hulk was one of the first Games Workshop games I ever came in contact with and I loved it right away. I was not very old but somehow I managed to save up enough money to buy myself a copy. It is one of those games which again and again gets taken out from the shelves and dusted off.

A couple of years ago I decided to try and lure my wife to play some missions with me and she agreed. But only if I painted the miniatures first. This sounded reasonable I thought and since I was collecting both a Blood Angels army and a Genestealer Cult I could find use for the miniatures in 40K gaming too.

It did not take me long to paint up the first Genestealer Brood (12 miniatures) and one squad of Blood Angel Terminators and then we could play the first couple of missions...

But then the Space Hulk project kind of stagnated and I was probably caught up in all sorts of other miniatures buisness... I never completely forgot about the Genestealers and Genestealer Cult project and some how, no matter what else we game, we always end back in the 40K universe...

So now I finally finished the painting of 12 more genestealers and somewhere along the way I also painted up a Genestealer Patriarch...

I have Genestealer Cult Brood Brothers on my painting table and one more Terminator squad, so hopefully I will have a 40K Genestealer Cult at some point and painted Terminator models enough for further Space Hulk gaming.


  1. Not a bad start at all!!!

    If only I had an Imperial Guard army painted. That would be a nice enemy for the cult.

  2. They are truly great, hope to see more of this soon! :)

  3. Games Workshop seemed to get everything right with Space Hulk.

    Favourite missions in the original Mission Book were the Suicide mission and the C.A.T. mission. Many years ago, a girlfriend agreed to have a game with me for my 30th birthday.

  4. Great GS Cult, those green fellows are refreshing!

    1. Thanks. This is something I really would like to come back to one day. :)