Saturday, July 27, 2013

Wasteland Lizards

I am always looking for critters and creatures which can be used as random encounters, wasteland dwellers, exotic pets and so forth. So when I started gaming Post Apocalypse some of the first thing I painted was a couple of pet lizards, for one of my gangs. Since then I have added some more to the lot and I decided to paint the new ones and re-paint the old ones, so they would look up to date.

At dusk the cold-blooded creatures come out to hunt.

Nothing is too big a prey, when you have a poisonous bite.

The lizards are a mix of old Warhammer Fantasy lizard swarms of some sort. I doubt they are very rare or hard to find, but I think they make a good addition to my growing collection of wildlife.


  1. Great lizards. I use some plastic toys repainted.

  2. They look pretty nice! The second pic is truly menacing! :)

  3. Heh, cool! Like you, I get a kick out of painting the weird, NPC type models for miniature games that most people are not bothered with.

    Miniature swarms of all sorts appeal to me. The bestiary section of Rogue Trader has a lot to answer for :)