Friday, August 16, 2013

Great Cthulhu With a Hot Glue Gun and Sci-Fi Terrain

Me and a couple of friends have been having a few get togethers for building a small residential neighbourhood for our miniature games. So far I haven't been helping much and mostly done other stuff instead. So this last time was of course no different.

Instead I began to assemble my RAFM Great Cthulhu, but the kit is rather old, the pieces doesn't fit very well together and it is generally just a nightmare to assemble. So I decided to use a mix of hot glue gun, super glue and greenstuff and went on with it.

Pieces have been cleaned and assembly has begun.

Work in progress.

And Cthulhu lives!

Somehow I managed to assemble him. But in the proces I also managed to glue myself to all sorts of stuff, burn myself on hot glue and stab my hands and fingers on all the spiky parts.

Next step will be to give him some greenstuff to correct the ugliest places of assembly and then give him some paint with the largest brush I can find!

And lately I have also been working a bit on expanding my collection of sci-fi terrain...

Noodles box and a watchtower in the making.

Some solar cell lamps ruined to make a small powerplant.

And some single deathworld cacti to add to the cacti fields.