Friday, June 13, 2014

Super Heroes and Not So Super Heroes

Last summer I was so fortunate to try some games of Super System from Four Colour Studios and I was instantly hooked. It really felt like a great set of rules, very free and open for anything you want to do. Cars were thrown, houses blown up and generally the entire city was devastated in the battle of Super Heroes against Super Villains.

So this year we are again doing some extraordinary mayhem with the Super System, so I have been painting a bit for the project and re-used some already painted models.

I must apologise for the strange colours on my photos, but I used a different lamp than usual when I took the photos, so they ended up looking strangely yellow all of them.

A mix of strange super heroes.

First up I already had Dr. Brain from Black Cat Bases and Mr. Muscle from Reaper (The two guys on the right of the photo above).

Then I found an old McDonalds toy, from Kung-Fu Panda, in a second hand store and after some greenstuff and paint I thought he would make a great super hero too.

My latest addition was the Golden Oldie super hero from Black Hat Miniatures, I decided to make him kind of senile, so I sculpted a strap for his cape and drilled a belly bottom for him, so he looks like he forgot to put on most of his costume. I think he ended up rather spiffy.

Dr. Brain, Golden Oldie, mr. Mucle.

Master Monkey.

I haven't settled on any names or super powers for any of these guys, so background and such is all work in progress, but the models are finished and ready to rumble.

Next up I thought I could use my Arashikage Ninjas, from my ongoing G.I. Joe project, as henchmen (I promise I will get back to my G.I. Joe project again soon).


I have more super heroes, villains and henchmen in the making, among them is some Nazi villains and their henchmen of werewolves, kriegaffen and gasmasked troopers and I am almost done with my RAFM Cthulhu and his deep one henchmen.

On another note I was made aware that I was actually nominated for not two but three Liebster Awards. Suber from Old School Workshop also nominated me some time ago and I will get back to that later.

For now I am just happy that it seems like my blogging is back on track.


  1. Hi!

    I especially love the monkey repaint! Its at once ridiculous and terrifying but has loads of character!

    I do like the Super System rules, they are really flexible and I've been pondering having a bash at using it for a bit of a 40k skirmish.

    All the best!

    1. Thanks. I think the Super System can be used for a lot of character based games, not only limited to super hero gaming.

      I plan to use it for G.I. Joe gaming too, if I ever get that project really going. I focus mostly on my favourite characters from the comic books and I think many of them will fit as super hero stats and then use Cobra Troopers and the likes as henchmen.

  2. I really want to play as Golden Oldie... him, or Giant Bronze Baby (he's one of the heroes too, right? ;) ).

  3. I LOVE the GI Joe stuff...Jonas, you're a legend.

    1. Thanks very much. I have a lot more G.I Joe stuff coming up, but I don't know when I will have the time.