Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Flower Pot Terrain Pieces

In my time away from the blog I did get some painting and terrain building done. It was not that much, but some example was a bunch of easy flower pots for decoration in the settlement I am building.

It is not an idea I have come up with myself. I saw an example done on Lead Adventure Forum and thought that it was something nice and easy I could do myself.

A simple set-up using a domicile and flower pots.

They might be on the bigger side, but I think it is ok, since they need to be of some size to block line of sight and they can also be used for protecting shops from getting rammed or pedestrians run over.

A selection of flower pots with different plants.

Most of the materials I used.

The process of making these flower pots is very simple. I made mine in two different occations and I think I did it differently each time, but if you have the materials it is hard to go wrong.

What I used was:
  1. A lid of some sort, the one I used is from a milk carton, but you can use any lid of the right size.
  2. Some cheap plastic flowers and tufts. I got some at the pound store and some aquarium plants from Ebay.
  3. Sand, to fill in the bottom of the lid.
  4. White glue and paint.
What I then did was:
  1. Dilute the sand with water and white glue.
  2. Fill it in the lids with the sand.
  3. Leave to dry.
  4. Paint lid and sand
  5. Glue in the flowers and tufts of your choice.

They fit nicely in a small box for storage or transport.

So far we already used these for Necromunda, where they might not fit in perfect, but they do give a nice alternative to rusty bulkheads and such and if you want it would be easy to paint the lids as rusty iron and fill with junk or dead flowers instead. Posibilities are plenty.


  1. I also keep my sand in a carte d'or tub. Quite weird to see 'my tub' on your blog.

    1. Hahaha, nice :) I used to have loads of things in these kind of tubs, but later I discovered an icecream I liked better and it was in more square boxes, so these are what I use now.

  2. Very nice might pinch this at some point in the near future.

    Cheers Roger.

  3. Definitely gonna be stealing this idea!!!

  4. This is great, consider it pinched!

  5. Good stuff. Saw some pictures you posted on Facebook and am now following your blog. I second the call for a battle report. I'll be trying out some of your terrain tutorials.