Monday, July 25, 2016

Tin Can Silos

I decided to build some more post apocalypse/sci-fi terrain. I am still on a budget and chose to do something which cost me absolutely nothing. Only using some old tin cans, empty cornflakes boxes, glue and paint which I already had.

I have seen this idea both online and I have seen friends do them, so I can absolutely not take credit for the design, but I find it easy and effective.

This is what a finished can looks like before painting.

Unfortunately I only had one empty corflakes box and a can needs a large piece of the box, so I only managed to finish two cans so far, but I plan to eat a lot of cereal in the next couple of months, so hopefully I will have enough silos to build an industrial complex soon.

A sellection of different size cans.

I made this paper template before cutting into the cereal box.

A couple of silos painted and washed.

Space Ork for scale.

These are quite easy to construct and I think they look pretty good considering the cost and time put into it. I will add some grafitti and posters to the sides and probably try to add some more bits and bops from the bits box on some of the upcoming silos.

Eventually I would like to build or buy some fitting ladders and walkways, so some of them can be climbed, this will make them good terrain for skirmish games like Necromunda and such.

My only concern about these is that I used some cans which used to contain Chili Beans and I can still smell it on them, but hopefully the smell will fade in time or maybe I should use some cans with a less smelly content next time.


  1. The card framework is a really clever and effective idea. Maybe you could put cans through the dishwasher next time.

    1. I am not gifted with a dishwasher, but cans of tomatos and such are less smelly than beans, so things probably works out in the end :)

    2. I agree tht the frame works are fantastic. Can I suggest punching some "rivets" out of the ceral boxes with a normal hole punch? THe kind you use for putting sheets into a ring binder. Use them to add detail to the frame work. Its not much effort and will give more texture for your washes to stick to.

  2. Maybe you can add the chilli smell into the game setting? Like, there's an illegal spice trading operation going on on planet "X"? :P

    They look great!

    1. Hehehehe, yeah, great idea :) and thanks.