Saturday, May 18, 2019

Catoplebas, Wild Boars and Other Fantasy

Recently I have been painting a bit again. I have been working hard on a Warlord Titan for the new Adeptus Titanicus, but it is still unfinished and then suddenly I saw this Ral Partha AD&D Catoplebas for sale and I just had to get it. I absolutely love old and strange miniatures, they are so full of character.

The strange backstory of these beasts immediately made for some great scenario plots, for skirmish gaming. So Dr. The Viking and I, of course, planned out a weird Fantasy skirmish setting, where we could use all sorts of old and wonderful miniatures.

Catoplebas or Death Cow.

The Catoplebas is apparently some kind of friendly dragon in the AD&D setting. It is based on some mythical beast from Africa, which has a deadly stare that can turn you to stone. If you milk it you can make the rare and precious Death Cheese.

I looked through my stash of miniatures and found some Wild Boar from Warbases and I thought they would fit into our setting too.

Lastly we needed some good guys and some bad guys.

The bad guys would be some Goblin raiding party, trying to steal away the Death Cow. Those will be assembled and painted by Dr. The Viking.

The good guys would be some Druids protecting the Catoplebas and they will get help from the local City Guards. 

I looked through my miniatures and didn't find many good guys, but I found one old Citadel Wizard, who could easily double as a Druid and Battle Lord Luigi, who will be the leader of the City Guard.

Right now I am waiting for some more old Grenadier models, from Mirliton, to bolster my good guys. I have a feeling this will be good and fun.


  1. The Catoplebas looks fantastic. I like the way you painted it. I remember an illustration of this monster in an old children's book I used to read a lot.

    I'm tempted to get one on Ebay now.

    Cheers, Karl

    1. Thanks. I kind of borrowed the basic ideas of the paintjob from another version I saw online.

      It is quite some model. I only learnt about it recently and just had to get one :)

    2. I was looking for a monster from African mythology for a tabletop campaign, so I'm really glad you posted this.

      Unfortunately Ral Partha Europe and Iron Wind Metals don't seem to sell the model.

    3. They don't have license to do any of their old Dungeons and Dragons stuff anymore. So you gotta search for it secondhand I am afraid.

  2. Cool Jonas, just cool! We will play many games with this!