Thursday, September 12, 2019

Space Marine and Machine Gun Wizard

First of all, I have been painting a lot of WFB Dwarfs since my last post, but my energy level hasn't really been at a point where I have been able to set up for a photo session. I hope I get around to do it soon.

I the meanwhile I guess I got a bit of painters block with the Dwarfs and I needed to try something new for a change, to kickstart my painting again.

So the other day I was looking around on Google Images for pics of old minis and I fell over a Rogue Trader Ultra Marines army. I really liked the look of this one guy in Artificer Armour and as I knew I had him in my leadpile I decided to give him a go. I know I usually paint Blood Angels, but having a blue guy kicking about can't hurt.

Space Marine in Artificer Armour.

I decided to keep it real simple, mostly just blue and metal (as the original model I saw) and I quite like the simplicity. Sometimes I like a lot of details and bling, other times the real basic paintjob just works best for me.

Also I bought this Machine Gun Wizard a little while ago and instead of letting him collect dust in the leadpile I decided to paint him right away.

Wand of Magic Missiles?

The Wizard really looks shiny on these pics. In the real world it is not so bad, but I have been thinking of trying to give him a layer of Dull Coat. If I ever get around to it I might post some new pics.

Hopefully coming up soon is the follow up on my Dwarf army.


  1. I do love that wizard model. I used him in an AD&D campaign when I was at school, the 'gun' was a rod that fired multiple magic missiles!

    1. I hope th7s guy eventually will make it to a game too. Who know :)

  2. Hello! I really like the vintage look of your blog, thank you for sharing :)
    Usually I'm not fond of ultra smurf aka GW poster boys, but in this case I like the mini a lot. It is somewhat very modern, with the huge boots, and, yes, you are right, sometimes less is more... The wizard with the mp40 I'm quite sure will have other tricks up his sleeve (possibly a granate or two?
    Keep posting! Bye

    1. Thanks. I was never a big Ultra Marine fan either, but having a single guy don't hurt.

  3. Awesome! That wizard has brought a smile to my lips!