Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Rogue Trading Rejects and Outlaws

Continueing with some models for Rogue Trader. This time I have a mix of different personalities. Some painted recently and some just got their bases and paintjobs updated a bit.

In space there is a fine line between the good guys and the bad guys. So these can be outlaws in some parts of the universe or heroes in other parts.

These guys are up to no good!

Pratai Tarbh

Bounty hunter, space pirate, gun for hire, assassin, bodyguard. Anything that involves killing people. Pratai Tarbh carries a mastercrafted bolter with an extra long handle and twinlinked lasgun horns.


This guy doesn't just stink, he reeks of death. Armed with a homemade poisoned gassing device he likes to take his victims alive, this way he can sell them as slaves later. Mini is from Krakon Games' Stargrind line.

Dr. Jarro

Dr. Jarro used to be a brilliant scientist with a brilliant brain, now he is just a brain. But luckily enough when his body collapsed in a lab accident somebody acted quickly and put his brain in a jar, later attaching it to a robotic body. Unfortunately the process has now made him a mad scientist instead of a brilliant one. Mini is from Black Cat Bases.


Bort used to manufacture licence plates, but one day he got tired with the routine and just took off into the ash wastes.


  1. Fantastic models. VERY rogue-trader-ish.

  2. Yeah! Superb for our Rogue Trader games. We will make all the good stuff happen after this shit coronoa.