Saturday, January 19, 2013

Deathworld Cacti

To test out this new world of blogging I will start out with posting a turtorial of making Deathworld Cacti. I did make these some time ago, but I thought this would be a nice start.

Here is the materials to start out with:
1. Some polystyrene balls in different sizes
2. Some coctail sticks
3. Some sculpting clay
4. A few old CDs for bases

First I put some clay on the styrene balls to make a flat base which can be attached to the CDs.
Now they should be left to dry over night and then spikes can be added.
I cut the coctail sticks in fitting lenghts and attach them to the polystyrene balls.
You may want to use a bit of glue in the holes to hold the coctail sticks in place.

Now I apply a mix of chinchilla sand and tile adhesive. This is done to give the cacti some texture.

Basecoating with a dark green colour.

Drybrushing with a lighter green colour.
You can also use more toxic greens if you want them to look radioactive or such.

Spikes are painted in a classic red colour.

Sand is added to the bases.

The bases are painted in appropriate colours to match your tabble.

This is a very easy and cheap way to make some classic Deathworld terrain, it can be used in most sci-fi settings and probably wouldn't be out of place in a fantasy setting either.

In the future I plan to make some more which will either be based on some more irregular cut out bases or individually on washers. But for now these will work fine and have already seen a bit of actione.


  1. Very nice.

    I'm considering making some slimmer and taller ones from salt dough with a wire skeleton.

    It would fit my retro scifi nicely. Maybe changing the colour would be enough. I just think these are very 40k to most people??

  2. I think it would be possible to just give them some different colours to "remove" the 40k feel...

    After all, the red spikes is directly out of the GW red period...

    I think they would look spiffy in light aquablue with black spikes or so!