Monday, February 11, 2013

World Eater Traitor Marines

Since my friend Torben has just released his generic sci-fi rulesystem called Fireteam Andromeda, I decided to paint up some Imperial Troopers to go with the setting.

I had these old Bob Naismith Marines lying around and I thought they would be perfect for the job. But as I was painting the first one I soon realised that they were World Eater Marines in their Pre-Heresy colour scheme.

So came to be my first traitor Marines (Which still will go well as Imperial Troopers for Fireteam Andromeda too).

Pretty awesome models!

The Fireteam Andromeda rules are made for 15mm gaming, but I have been told there is rules for 28mm too, so hopefully my Imperial World Eater Troopers will see some action still.

If you want to know more about Fireteam Andromeda you should check out the Terminus Nebula blog, which also includes lot of old-school goodness.


  1. Awesome! There's nothing better than old school RT era minis painted up in the old school way :). Like the scenery aswell.

    I'm playing RT with6mm epics. I also use ITEN ruleset. I will be following your work for sure :)

  2. Thanks. But actually these marines pre-date Rogue Trader, since they were already released in 1985. :)

    I never tried the ITEN rules myself, but it looks interesting and might be worth trying out in the future.