Tuesday, March 19, 2013

More Ambulls

As soon as I had painted my first Ambull I knew I needed some more, so I searched Ebay for some time and was lucky enough to get two more, each for a reasonable price.

I would like to get more, so I can make a whole colony, but right now my economy (and my wife) say no. But I guess three is better than nothing.

I painted up the two new Ambulls in similar colours as my first one and I updated my first one a little bit.

Also on my paint station right now is a bunch of mercenaries of several different origins, I finished the first one which is from the Black Hat Miniatures Cobalt-1 line.

The two new guys and the Cobalt-1 mercenary.

 An unfortunate space explorer gets ambushed...

This trio of Ambulls is the last thing this guy will ever see...

The lone mercenary will be joined by a selection of mixed space scum later on and will find use in all sorts of sci-fi gaming. The Ambulls will be usefull for random encounters and fit into any Deathworld fauna.

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