Sunday, March 17, 2013

Feral Cultist

Did I ever tell you that I love Black Cat Bases? No? Well I do. They have some of the best customer service I ever experienced and their catalogue just have so many different and awesome miniatures to chose from.

Granted, I wouldn't know what to use most of the stuff for, but does it matter? Sometimes it is just fun to browse through the vast number of oddeties and grap some random goodies to paint. They can always be tweaked into a setting later.

But there is of course also lot of stuff which I find very useful. Among this stuff is these Feral Cultist. I have had these lying around since last year sometime and I thought it was about time to give them some paint. They are sculpted by Moonfleet Miniatures, but is now a part of the Black Cat Bases catalogue.

I painted them up as dirty wasteland dwellers using a simple and easy colour scheme.

The cult gathers for a raid.

Armed with pulse rifles, an autogun and a jezail.

I still don't know exactly what these will be used for, but their potential is pretty big. From any wasteland setting, Necromunda underhive or post apocalyptic future. They will fit fine with most skirmish sci-fi settings we game these days.

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  1. Looking pretty nice. Post apoc games aplenty with these