Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Living Steel (Leading Edge Games)

Leading Edge Games might be familiar to many miniature gamers, since they made miniature ranges for the Alien, Terminator and Predator movies and some Gothic Horror stuff too. But they also did a sci-fi roleplaying game called Living Steel, for which they made some pretty awesome miniatures.

I first came to know about Living Steel when I found these power armoured sci-fi lizardmen on ebay and of course I had to buy them and try to find out more about the miniatures and the game. As it turned out it was almost impossible to find any info or images on the miniatures, but with some patience and luck I have been able to get the two boxes, which I found most interesting, namely the Dragoncrest (which are those power armoured lizardmen) and the Larden (which are an enslaved race of saurians or such).

So far I have painted up the first three Dragoncrest I bought. My first problem was, they come with a pretty thick integral base and I wanted to base them on GW style bases, like my other sci-fi. I was reluctant to cut up the miniatures, since they are hard to come by and all, but then I realized, that the integral base was about the same height as a GW base and actually would fit inside a GW base, if I cut the GW base up.

Here I cut out the GW base.

Fitting the miniature inside with some greenstuff.

And here are the first three finished Dragoncrest.

An Astropath, with an escorte of Dragoncrest bodyguards, seek out a wasteland cult.

I think, that once based on GW style bases, they size up pretty good with the Rogue Trader stuff and who is to say what size a space Lizardman is anyway?

The Dragoncrest are apparently a noble but warlike race, they are equipped in the most advanced and modern form of power armour and comes armed with the deadliest handweapons available. I don't know how this will fit into the Rogue Trader universe, but I guess they will stat up like a marine or so, maybe with a few bonus' or something.

Below I have taken some photos of the Dragoncrest and Larden box art and boxed miniatures. Some of the Larden have had their bases cut a bit and have been base-coated, but once I have given them GW style bases I guess it won't be noticed.


  1. I had DragonStar Rising and enjoyed reading the background information.


  2. Cool stuff. You cant have too many space lizardmen :)

    I never even heard of those figures (although I am familiar with Leading Edge). They look great, just the thing for some RT gaming.

    1. I found them on ebay just searching for Space Lizardmen and then went on a hunt through the internet. It is pretty hard to find any info or photos out there. But I plan to paint some more and hopefully spread the knowledge a bit more.

      Leading Edge had some pretty good miniature lines which could be great to have revived. But probably won't happen... Sadly...