Friday, February 28, 2014

Grenadier Chaos Warband

So February is almost gone and I haven't posted anything this month. When I made the blog I decided to post at least once each month, so the blog wouldn't suffer from long dead periods. So what should I do? It is not because I haven't been painting or doing any hobby related projects, but I haven't really finished anything and I have no pictures of current project in progress (Not any I find worth posting).

So I decided to post some older pictures I had lying around. A couple of years ago I started painting a few Fantasy models and since then I haven't done much with Fantasy at all. But lately I have been painting Fantasy miniatures again, so maybe it was about time to have something non Sci-Fi in this blog.

Here is my small Grenadier Chaos Warband lead by a Wargames Foundry Evil Elf, the first Fantasy project I ever finished, but hopefully I will add a bit to them some day.

Ready to lay waste to the World!

I think it turned out ok back then and I am still pretty satisfied with them. If I should re-do them today I would probably have painted their armour with more colours instead of just metal, but as they are now I will also be able to use them for an upcoming project I have had in mind for years; Excalibur Movie style King Arthur project. These would do great on the Mordred side of the battlefield.

Anyway, I am working on a load of projects and hopefully I have some new stuff to post next month. Untill then I hope some will enjoy these knights.