Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Medieval Squat Army Project (WIP)

OK, so I haven't been much active on the picture posting front lately and I have had a hard time keeping track on what is really going on on the internets.... 

But it doesn't mean I haven't been up to anything. I have been working on several miniature project, but I have also been working on a lot of stuff not related to this hobby and at the same time my computers have been failing me and I ended up deleting my Windows XP and I now run on Linux.

All in all the last couple of months have been pretty stressfull for me, but I still wanted to show some of the stuff I have been working on.

One project I have been working on for several years now (and getting nowhere with) is my Medieval Squat Army. At first I just wanted to buy a few models, paint those before buying more and so forth, but I ended up with a rather huge army and I quickly stalled when I found out that it was just too much and I didn't enjoy painting units in huge batches at a time. 

So I finally decided to just paint single models or only a few at the same time. So now I am actually getting somewhere with the project and I really enjoy painting these models.

Non of the miniatures are 100% finished yet, but on the picture below you are able to see a batch of the ones which are closest being to done.

Mix og old Citadel, Black Tree Design and White Knight miniatures.

Some other projects I have been working on, but don't have any pictures of at the moment, is: Female Corporation Dreadball team, Acheson Creations Sci-Fi Saurians, random Fantasy miniatures and painting a bit for a friend too. I hope to have more of all this to show soon.


  1. Ah, nice collection! I really like dwarfs. I have some of the Black Tree ones including that wizard.
    I was a bit puzzled when I painted him and didn't manage to find out what that object was next to his left foot. Was that supposed to be a bag or pouch, do you know?

    Anyway, great collection of painted models you have there! :)


    1. Thanks. these are not completely finished yet, but hopefully I will get around to work a bit more on these soon.

      And sorry about the late reply and all.

      I think the object in question is a scroll, but I am not 100% sure either. I chose to paint it as a scroll though and I think it looks ok, it is not so important probably :)