Friday, October 31, 2014

My First Orktober

Apparently it is Orctober and everybody have to paint Orcs. I never painted many Orcs before, actually I think I only ever painted two Orcs before and those were for a friend. But of course I already had a huge load of unpainted Orcs and Space Orks lying around, so I jumped right in and started painting up some of my Space Ork Raiders.

Unfortunately I didn't manage to paint as many as I wanted to, but I finished five and I guess it is better than nothing. I have another five which are half way done, so hopefully I will boost my Raiders to 10 Orks soon.

 Here is the bunch I managed to finish.

I am not trying to tie in my Orks with any perticular clan. I don't really like the stricter structures of the Ork clans and tried to paint my Orks as a bunch of nasty paramilitary raiding misfits.

Here they are raiding an Imperial ARBCO station.

Sneaky Ork bastards.

"Give us the gas and the truck and die!"

The Ork Boss face off against Inquisitor Gar.

And I took some close ups of different angles of the Orks. I think they turned out really good and I am happy about the colours I have chosen for them. I was trying to mainly use some different shades of brown, military green and some brighter reds to contrast the skin. 

Some light yellow/brown flack armour and gloves, darker brown belts and pouches, clothes in military green and armour in red or green.

The Boss in his red power armour. It is really a classic, so he just has to look that way.
The other guy is clearly an angry militant Ork, so he is mostly in green combat colours.


The boys in subtle colours. One sporting a fancy facepaint.

I have chosen to paint at least one Ork boy, from the Space Ork Raiders box, for each other Ork I paint. This is because I have so many dublicates of these and doing it like this I won't end up having all the same models left when I finish more of the unique models.

Of course this is not nearly all the Orks I have, I hope to finish the next five soon and eventually have a larger force painted. I also have an Ork Dreadnought, some Tinboys and a Robork and controller.

Orks in progress.

And my Dark Angels Terminators in progress.
Just to show I haven't forgotten about these.


  1. Cracking post and well worth the wait :-) I went in for Zomtober rather than Orctober but absolutely love your orcs. Stunning painting; the one in the red power especially takes me back to my youth...

    1. Thanks.

      The Orks in power armour are also some of my favourite Orks of them all. Especially this guy and I just think he has to be painted in red.

      I plan to do the power armour Orks in different colours, so they won't all be in red, but this one just have to be this way for me.

  2. Hi, the mushroom terrain looks really cool. Did you sculpt those yourself? Best, Karl

    1. No, they are from Scotia Grendel. I have much more of it and plan to mount it on some larger bases with some other terrain too.