Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year 2014

Once again it is New Years Eve and I will once again try and make status for this blog. The blog has been running almost two years now and I am still happy with it. This year, however, I had to break the rules. I had one month of dead space. Still I think it has been a pretty good run and even though not as productive as 2013 I did manage to paint 83 different miniatures in 28mm scale + one vehicle.

All the miniatures I painted in 2014 (minus 6).

Left side.


Right side.

You will probably notice that the pictures include quite a bunch of miniatures which hasn't been featured on the blog previously. This is because it is running projects which are still not 100% done. You will see more of this in the beginning of 2015. 

I am, once again, happy with the result.

Some of the things you can see which I will post more about in 2015 is my Saurian Sci-Fi Army, it includes low tech Saurians mixed with ultra modern and power armoured miniatures. Other things will be more Space Orks, Civilians and my Fantasy Dwarf Army.

Battlezone Saurians.

Happy New Year from Deathworld Adventures! See you in 2015!


  1. A fine display Jonas, and there's certainly a few there which I missed. Those Saurians are exceptional and your green hues with yellow eyes works an absolute treat imho. I am however utterly gob-smacked by the giant monkey in the background. What on earth is that and where's the link :-) Cracking stuff all round my good sir. Happy New Year to you too.

  2. Thanks. The monkey is a McDonalds toy, you can see more about it here

    The Saurians will have blog posts next year. ;)

    1. Cheers Jonas. I do now recall seeing that post. Not sure why I didn't comment at the time. Though in my defence I was probably still in shock from the huge urinating cupid alongside it :-)

  3. I'm particularly interested to see the scifi civilians - I nearly bought a set the other day but hesitated as the details looked a little soft and I wasn't sure on scale. How are they in hand? A good match for RT? Great to see all the good stuff together :)

    1. I'll do a seperate post on them in January. They are ok quality, not the best, but for civilians I think they work quite well, they also size up nice compared to the Spacelords civilians and will fit in well with RT miniatures too.

    2. Perfect! I'm pretty certain I'll pick up the set anyway, but good to hear they're passable :)

  4. The Saurians are particularly nice. Happy New Year and well done. May 2015 be even the better.