Friday, December 5, 2014

Some Vehicles, Some Terrain

Lately it seems that I have been doing a lot of random stuff, which is quite okay, since it keeps my busy. But one thing I have been coming back to is the terrain and other small unfinished stuff.

This time I have cut a statue in halves and made it a sunken Buddha statue, build a shack and painted some vehicles and bits.

Savages raid an ARBCO depot in the wastelands.

The Buddha statue with a mix of EM4 and Four A miniatures.

Everything is on the cheap side. The Buddha statue is from a second hand store and the shack is build from old cardboard boxes and glue.

The ARBCO shack.

Also I painted some vehicles and a motor I had lying around. The white pick.up truck is from an unknown company, but I think it ended up pretty good. The red truck is from Ramshackle Games and had an update to an existing paintjob, the motor is from Ramshackle too.

47 Beer Truck.

I added some grafitti to the licence plates, to give the truck some character.

Also the tank isn't glued on, so it can be removed.


  1. Great posting once again Jonas. Really enjoy seeing what you come up with each time. You always seem to produce something inspirational. I especially like the Budda stature - I think the angle of tilt is spot on and really suits the sunken look you've given it. Good work on the base and weathering/moss etc too. Car 47 looks cool too. Nice dirty white paintwork. Terrific stuff :-)

  2. Thanks very much. Everything is done pretty quickly this time around... So the tilt is quite random, but I agree that it ended up good.

    The white car is also a result of a fast and random paintjob. I just need to have some stuff finished now ;)

  3. Great idea to use a Buddha statue as tabletop terrain. I also like the shack and the plants.

  4. Hello my name is Fred I represent the local ARBCO branch in your neighborhood. I’d like to talk to you about a business where you can make $150,000, in your spare time, over the next two to five years. All we need is your signature and you’re undying loyalty to the “Commander”.
    Did I mention our loyal senior members receive a free red uniform complete M1 Garand!