Thursday, January 29, 2015

Heartbreaker Hobbies Starship Marines

I had these six Starship Marines lying around for a couple of years. They used to be Heartbreaker Hobbies, but are now sold at Black Tree Designs. Too bad they currently only have six poses available, but let's face it, I probably won't need more anyway.

I actually got started on these in a kind of random way. They had been standing prepped and basecoated for more than a year, but I could never decide for a colour scheme for them. So standing there collecting dust I found them while looking for something completely different and I decided to give them some paint.

 Ready to explore the Deathworlds.

I remember how I originally wanted to paint them green, but since I painted so much green lately I ended up giving the first one a white/red scheme. It ended up looking pretty good and so I wanted to paint them all this way, but I wanted to keep one in different colours, so he could be a leader of sorts. In the end I gave them three different paintjobs in pair of twos.

This will work well for skirmish settings, having them prance about in pairs as guards or explore barren wastes in their powered armour.

A bit different angle.

Scaleshot with Ork and Terminator.


  1. Great stuff Jonas. Very 'Clone Wars' in your colour scheme choices. Really like the look of these and tempted to pick some up. I think they'd fit in with Rogue Trader very well indeed.

    1. Yes, I realised it after I painted them :D But I think it will work out anyway, hahaha

  2. Very eye catching. A little big perhaps to mix in with space marines, but not too much if they're on their own it seems. Thanks for featuring some alternative minis!

  3. I never saw those sculpts before. You did a nice job of painting them, they look really good.

  4. I never saw those sculpts before. You did a nice job of painting them, they look really good.

  5. They're awesome, I may need to pick some up!

  6. Great looking paintjob Jonas; I had been considering picking some up myself, but the Black Tree Design pictures doesn't do them justice at all.