Monday, February 9, 2015

Piscean Warriors and More Tyranids

Finally I finished my second Piscean Warrior and got some photos taken of them both. At the same time I thought I would show a bit more of my growing Tyranid forces.

I was so lucky to get my hands on a copy of the original Piscean Warrior and the one sculpted by Obscure Creator over at the Oldhammer Forum. I think they look pretty good together and even though the new one is not a dublicate in style they still have the same size and bulk, so now I just wait for a couple more sculpts to complete a unit.

Alien species face off in a desert deathworld.

I also added eight more Hunter-Slayers to my pack of Tyranids. This brings me to a total of 18. To be honest, I have no idea if I will ever field that many, but it just looks impressive with a horde of these and whenever I see any cheap I can't stop buying them.

The eight new ones.

My combined Tyranid forces so far.

Next up is a Dominator to lead the forces. I also have a load of Genestealers, of course, but I really feel like they should stick to Space Hulk or their Genestealer Cult for now. But maybe they will join up with the Tyranid forces in the future.

Hunter-Slayer, Dominator and Zoat.


  1. Jonas you truly are Mister "Rogue Trader" :-) I have never heard of the Piscean Warriors before this posting and you've done a cracking paint-job on them too. Great posting my friend.

  2. Top work indeed, the two Fish Men look great alongside each other.

  3. I envy your dominator and boatload of old Hunter-Slayers. Vrey nice work. Can't wait to see Dom de Monicus in paint.

  4. Cool models, thanks for sharing them and that excellent paint job.