Friday, February 13, 2015

Ramshackle Vehicles

In my quest to finish unfinished projects I recently stumbled upon some vehicles I had lying around. I finished and updated a bit last year and this year I continue the project with a couple of vehicles from Ramshackle Games.

The Iron Grumbler.

The Badger.

The Badger with my water truck.

I gave them both some pretty quick and dirty paintjobs, but considering the sculpts and what I am going to use them for (40K skirmish/Post Apocalypse) I think the paintjobs suits them very well and I am pleased with the outcome.

Also, let's face it, the Iron Grumbler has the looks of a 40K Rhino. So before people ask I already took a scale shot. The Iron Grumbler is quite the brute compared to the old Rhino, but I would have no problem fielding it as a Rhino or reinforced Rhino.

Rhino and Iron Grumbler scale shot.

1 comment:

  1. I'm a big fan of the Badger design, it looks good as an apc and i reckon it would look just perfect in a game of Deathrace 40,000, nudge nudge ;)

    Btw the hazard stripes on the Grumbler are so crisp and vivid I originally thought it was photoshop, haha! Well done there! :D