Monday, March 2, 2015

Tyranid Warriors

Everything I paint recently has been speed painted, or as speedy as I can do it and still feel satisfied with the result. Even so my level of speed painting has reached a new level of lazyness.

I have been enmassing Tyranid Warriors for some time now, not really on purpose, it is just something which has happened kind of by itself. At some point I bought the Advanced Space Crusade game and recently I acquired the Tyranid Attack game.

I have no idea how many complete plastic Tyranid Warriors I have now, but the collection is ranging from mint on sprue to painted with a stick and broken into bits and pieces.

I decided to start out salvageing what I could from the painted and broken models I had and let the mint models wait for later. So if I eventually decide to sell off some of them it will be easier to get rid of those in good mint condition.

Tyranid Warriors on board their mothership.

These three are the first to have emmerged from the stripping jar, having broken limbs and weapons glued back together and get a new paintjob.

As you can see they have been given a very fast and basic paintjob and to elaborate on the lazy speed paint I gave them, these models only have five colours on them. A basecoat of red and bone, washed with a brown wash and then highlighted with a brighter red and the bone. The fifth colour is a light pink for the eyes.


To be honest, I never really liked these models, I think they are terrible plastic crap, which is why I gave them such a fast and sloppy paintjob. But I think it works out and I am happy to field these as playing pieces in upcoming games of Advanced Space Crusade or Tyranid Attack.

I will probably paint the next batch in some different colours for a bit variation, after all they were kind of fun to paint.


  1. Wicked.
    As horrible as they are, these are the definitive Tyranid warriors to me and you've done a fine job on them, speed paint or no.

  2. i love those models, they're my favourite tyranids ever. great job!

  3. For me as well - definitive and favourite of all the versions, for being so much weirder than what came later, and maybe the more alien.

  4. I think these are the best Tyranid Warriors available too, but to be honest I don't think the sculpts do the artwork justice.

    But I guess these are still some of the best models in 2nd edition Tyranid army. Lot of it was just too goofy.

  5. Excellent work on the old style Tyranids. I like the basic approach you have taken with the paint scheme and made the two contrasting colours work well together.