Friday, July 31, 2020

Epic Adventures 2002 (Part V)

I guess it is time for another last minute update....

This time I don't really have anything new for my list. I have been painting a lot of random stuff and not much Epic. But I did paint a bit Epic and I also still have some undocumented stuff.

Today I took pictures of my Land Raider Company. I also took some pics of old minis, to document how my old armies looked, before I eventually repaint. And last but not least I took some pics of my Warhound Titans.

As it turned out all the pictures where quite bad. But I worked a bit with it and in the end I chose to just post about the Warhounds.

Painted around 1992/93 - 2010 - 2020

Back in the days Warhounds came together two at a time. I managed to get four and paint three back then. In 2010 I stripped one of the old ones and repainted (as seen above) and now I painted the 4th one.

I have decided to keep the two from the 90s as they are. I kind of like them even though they are far from my current standard. (Even if you can't see it on my terrible pics).

New Hounds.

I am going to update the paintjob on the 2010 Warhound and do the base with sand and goblin green. I know they don't come in pairs anymore, but I still need at least two ready for battle.

Old Hounds.

The old Warhounds didn't follow any Titan Legion scheme at all. I painted one red and one yellow, the third one I later stripped had a squared red/yellow theme. My old Warlords was blue for no reason.

Now I want to do some Iron Skull type Titans, but they will be in the service of my Blood Angels so far.

I really wish I had two more Warhounds as I would like to paint some Legio Astraman. I am currently painting Astraman for new A.T. and it would be fun to try the paint scheme on the old models.


  1. I'm really pondering wether to play again epic (mostly using what I painted back at the time) or not.

    But using horizon wars ruleset. I say so, because of the bases. Seeing yours square and round made me thing of the chaos out there: old infantry was square, then next edition were based over plastic strips, etc.

    Looking at the same kind of titan based both squared and round it made me consider rebasing everything round bases...

    1. Hahaha, I am totally with you.

      But in Epic bases are not too important really, you can use the square for infantry (which I prefer) or the rectangular or some people use round now, it is all good.

      For me I do this as a mix of nostalgia and mix of what I prefer. Like square infantry bases, as that is what I always had and knew, but I update the Warhound for round bases, since all other Titan classes had round back in the days too.

      Oh.. and goblin green bases. I really don't think it is the best base colour choice, but it is nostalgia and doeasn't look bad either.