Monday, July 27, 2020

Rogue Trader Commodore Crew

Working a bit on this and that, so I played around with some of the finished employees of the Commodore Droid Store gang. These are mostly just workers, encounters and non combatants.

Droids are from Ainsty Castings Spy-Fi line and the operator is an old Acropolis Designs/Zap Miniatures model, now sold by The Baggage Train.

Have fun...


  1. Cute little chaps. They remind me of the robots from Silent Running. Nice job!

    1. Yes, they are, from Ainsty, maybe I should mention it on the post.

  2. They remind me of those of that movie...silent whatever. There was a guy alone in a spaceship and these robots helped him with the hidroponic gardens and stuff.

    Nice paint job on nice minis!