Sunday, August 16, 2020

More Random Rogue Trader Stuff

So here I have some recent paintjobs, some re-paint jobs and so on. These minis don't have any actual purpose just yet, but in time they will populate our Rogue Trader universe.

As usual the photos are not really good at all, but I am beginning to give up on that and just document some painted miniatures for now. Hopefully I will learn one day though.

Scum, Villains, Outlaws.... and a rogue servo skull.


One of the old guard, he was there when Melnibonia was first populated and he knows the ins and outs of the jungles and the outback settlements. He is now working as a gun for hire and will take on any job.

Space Dout

State of art robot hunter. Space Dout arrived on Melnibonia when the Robo-Wars broke out. He is equipped with the best gadgets money can buy and he hunts down renegade robots and droids to pay for it all.

Viconia De'Vrie

Mysterious Dark Elf mercenary. Even more sinister than the dreaded Eldar Pirates. It is said that she was once living a different life in the Outer Gate of Baldhuur, but no one knows for sure.


Pilot for hire and speed freak. Erhardt likes fast space craft, fast cars, fast bikes and fast women. Everything is fast with this guy, but the price is sometimes high.

The minis are mostly old Citadel, only Erhardt is an old Grenadier model.


  1. Erhardt is Mark Copplestone, though, right? So they all fit together just fine. Your photos are solid and I want to know more about Melnibonia. Glad to see you posting. I need to get painting again and follow your lead. :) (And you know, I just realized that lead works two ways in that sentence. Different pronunciations, but it works fine with a long or short e. Fiat plumbum!)

    1. Yeah, Copplestone sculpt from Grendier, now sold by Mirliton among other.

      I actually got some tips and tricks for photos from some friends and I took a couple much better photos after this post.

      I plan to maybe do a shoot of the different gangs and crews at one point.

    2. Yeah, that's what I was thinking. I have a bunch of miniatures from the range, mostly picked up from C4. (Including that one and indeed the miniature I use as my avatar.) Anyway, I look forward to your future photography and more miniatures. :)

  2. Looking forward to some background on Melnibonia. I'm interested in the Dark Elf (Eldar?) where's he from? Haven't encountered a non spiky one before.