Monday, March 21, 2022

Warhammer 40K 2nd Edition Challenge March 2022

I guess I forgot to post in February about my Genestealer Cult progress, but then again my February entry was a little boring, so here you can have two months in one.

For the third month I finished the second Brood Brother Squad, armed with laspistols and various hand weapons, they are led by a Genestealer Hybrid Neophyte. I also painted the Patriarch, but as I was about to start the Patriarch I noticed he had some damages which would take me longer than planned to repair, so instead I took my old (already painted) Patriarch and gave him some touch up and did some more work on the base. This was not what I intended since I wanted to paint a second Patriarch in green instead of blue, but that one goes back in the pile for later. The most important here is to actually end up with a playable army.

Full scale occupation

As bonus I finished a Commissar, which have no entry in the codex, so he will probably just ”count as” Brood Brother or be part of campaign plots and such. I also painted a Brood Brother with a Plasma Gun and made a bit touch up to some World Eater Marines for Allies.

Last month I did the Genestealers, the backbone of the Cult. Some ended up great, others not so much. So as usual...

So to get on track with the backstory here: Tef Dupont had managed to proclaim himself Governor to the Eastern Autonomy of Khardishian Prime, naturally the non infected part of the population was nor really satisfied by this and preassure was rising in the regional Capitol; New Dos Angeles (Former Twin Angels). To ensure the not so loyal Citizens of his good intentions Tef Dupont sent for Imperial intervention to ensure the population, this turned out to come in the form of a Commissar, more troops of the Khardashian 8th Company and even a small number of Space Marines of the World Eaters Chapter. If anyone had voiced their discontent before no one said a word now, at least not in public… To be continued…

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