Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ambull and Ar-Men

Here is some miniatures I just finished painting. I don't know what I will use them for, but I just felt like painting some awesome miniatures for no perticular reason. 

The Ambull has been lying around for years and I guess it was about time it got some paint. 

The Ar-Men are from Black Hat Miniatures, I bought them last year together with some of the great Coat D'Arms paints. I thought they looked really bad ass and I kind of have a soft spot for furry sci-fi creatures.

The Ambull.

The Ar-Men... The range is larger, but I only bought one pack to start out with.

Head on clash!


  1. Those are ace!

    You can make an anthropomorphic sci-fi game!

  2. I certainly begin to have more than enough strange models for such a project :D

  3. You also have a lot of miniatures ready for a good 'bout of Terminus Nebula/Rosetta gaming - we've have to find a day soon to game in!

  4. Yes, we must deffinately soon find time to game! It would be great to try and field some of the strange miniatures I have painted lately.