Saturday, September 28, 2013

A Mixed Update

I realise, that it has been some time since my last update. It is not because I haven't painted anything new or done anything miniature related, but I have been really busy lately. Playing live with my band, visiting Belgium with some of my family, sorting out general chaos and all such stuff.

But when I made this blog I decided that I would try and make at least one update each month. So I dug through my recent photos and found some stuff to share with you guys.

Mercenaries from Four A Miniatures which I recently painted.

These guys had been lying around for some time and I did'nt really know what to do with them. I ended up painting them in blue and white, so in the end I think they are now looking like some space police of some sorts. I like the models very much and I plan to get more stuff from Four A Miniatures in the future.

Fishmen, Rogue Trader Mercenary and the Matakishi Cat.

I was so lucky to get the pair of the Rogue Trader Fishmen from Wargames Foundry. They have only been available as a giveaway when they ran some Rogue Trader game weekends. They were a joy to paint and I think they turned out ok.

The Rogue Trader guy was just some dude I painted to try and paint some old school yellow. I am not 100% satisfied, but I think he has an ok rough and dirty look and will do fine as a space pirate or other scum.

The Matakishi Cat is from Matakishi's Tea House. What can I say? I just love that cat and Matakishi has been a good inspiration for a lot of my previous projects. I can recommend anyone to visit his homepage.

A Scale shot: C. P. Models, RT Marine, Four A, GW, Four A.

Besides that I have been working on a mixture of different project. I am constantly stripping old and second-hand miniatures, removing mold lines, greenstuffing, basing, base-coating and generally preparing miniatures, but there is not much fun in documenting that. But one bigger project, I have been doing for some time now, is my ongoing Spacelords Phagon army. I am not going to use it for Spacelords, since the rules are only in German, but I love to collect and paint the miniatures and we have been talking about trying out No Limits from Wargames Unlimited. 

Here is some WIP army shots.

Army shot, a bit out of date though.

So far I have all the Beastmen, Battle-Beasts and the PSI-Wolves. I am still looking for some of the Battleclones and I think I am missing one or two of the Walkers.

Below is some old pictures of some of the finished models.

Hopefully I will soon have some updated pictures of my Phagon army and maybe some battle reports to go with them. At least I am pretty sure this project will continue, since I really like the Metal Magic miniatures.

If you got the hots for the Phagons, they are now available at EM4 Miniatures. Unfortunately all the Spacelords miniatures haven't been re-released yet and it has been some time since last new re-release, but we are still some who hope to see the complete line brought back at some point.


  1. Great pictures! Love the alt gyrinx/cat.

    1. I never thought about using it as a Gyrinx :D hahaha

  2. Like the RTness. That red marine looks really cool, do you have a squad of them done?

    1. Yeah, I have lot of them done actually. My first 40k love was Marines and every time I don't know what else to paint I paint some Blood Angels.

      I can take some pictured next week and make a post about my Blood Angels so far.

  3. Im glad to see that you got your hands on a couple of those old Laserburn fishmen. They are great little models, lots of fun to paint.

    I got a couple of squads of those phagon beastmen plus some from other manufacturers cleaned up and sprayed about six weeks ago but didnt get any further than that. Im looking forward to painting them. Like the fishmen they look like fun sculpts to work on.

  4. I will try and take some better photos of the Fishmen at some point. Setting them up in some terrain or such.

    The Phagon Beastmen are really great models. I think most of the Spacelords range is superbly sculpted, but unfortunately the human models don't really go well in size with most of the more bulky Citadel stuff.

    I am almost finished with the last of my Phagon Beastmen, so hopefully I can take some photos of them soon too.