Saturday, October 26, 2013

Rogue Trader Blood Angels... Lots of Them...

When I started playing miniature games the first things I got into was boardgames with miniatures. Hero Quest at first and later I got into stuff like Space Fleet, Blood Bowl, Space Hulk and such and when I eventually crossed over to tabletop gaming my love fell on Space Marine (the 2nd edition of Epic 40K).

For many years I was entirely satisfied with gaming boardgames and Epic. But as years went by the people I was gaming with lost interest or we lost contact. I was still interested in miniatures but for many years I did not actively seek out other people to play with.

At that point I decided to buy myself some 40K miniatures, since it seemed like they would be more fun to paint than Epic miniatures. I decided to paint them as Blood Angels (previous I had been painting my Epic marines as Dark Angels).

It was the time of 40K 2nd edition, but already then I was more in love with the older miniatures that I remembered seeing at the gaming store in my childhood. So I was trying to get as many of the beaky 2nd edition marines I could find in the stores. It was the 90s and the wonders of the internet had still to bloom in full.

Eventually I discovered Ebay and dumped my 2nd edition army, started collecting Rogue Trader marines and (almost) never looked back.

Right now I am on my third Blood Angels army and this time around I am generally satisfied with the direction it is going and even though I now and then update a bit on the paint job I think it is painted to an OK tabletop quality for gaming.

My painted forces so far...

Librarian, Lieutenant, Inquisitor, Gyrinx and Astropath.

Psyker and Tactical Marines.

More Tactical Marines.

Assault Marines.

Closer look of the Assault Marines.

Even more Marines.



More Terminators and powerglowed Marine.

Army shot including assembled and unpainted Marines.

I really do have a lot more Marines, but some are either painted in my old (and ugly) style or still await to be assembled, stripped or prepared for painting. In the years I have collected Space Marines I have managed to get almost all the Rogue Trader Marines and by now I am only missing the last few pieces to complete my collection.

I will probably never get around to finish painting everything in my collection, but no matter what game or genre I currently play it always seem that I end back with Space Marines and Rogue Trader stuff....


  1. Sweet minis. I still have my Rogue Trader minis. They are the best in my opinion.

    Love the terrain. Very 40k RT. How did you get the lines looking so good? On my stuff they are always a bit wonky. lol

    1. Thanks for the comment.

      The lines just above ground was pretty easy. I used a cheap flat brush from the dollar store, which had the width I wanted for the lines. Then I cut a small piece of cardboard with the level of hight of where I wanted the line. Then just holding the cardboard as a giude I painted around the bunkers and then touching up afterwards.

      The upper line of the tower was a bit more difficult, but I first painted around the windows and then tried to connect those as good as I could.

  2. I would suggest simply using tape next time around (maler-tape) :)

    But what a gorgeous collection you've got going there Jonas! Maybe we should try and get together for that game soon-ish?

  3. Yeah, I guess that would work too :)

    It could be fun to try them out in some gaming action again. What rules do you suggest? If I should prepare myself a bit.

    I guess we can get together with some Random Encounter madness before christmas.

  4. What an awesome and lovely display you have there! Your minis distil all that nice RT flavour. Congrats, you have achieved a really inspiring project.

  5. Lovely miniatures! Truly awesome display of army.

    With that amount of figures I would suggest 2nd. edition 40k I think.

  6. Oh yeah, Rogue Trader heaven. My legion would fight beside your Blood Angels any day.

  7. Beakies are the greatest. That's a nice setup. I had to look at all of your posts.
    Those plants you made out of straws will be stolen.
    Why is my orange cat Poncho at your house?

  8. Thanks you all. Hopefully I will get some games played with these too at some point. I have played a few 40K 2nd edition games with the army and it is always nice to re-visit 2nd edition. Maybe it is the only game which works well for "lots" of 40K minis.

    @Baconfat: I have stolen the idea for the straw plants myself, I think I linked to the original blog. I still need to paint the bases on mine though, maybe I should get around to do it soon.
    And I don't know about the cat :D we got him 2½ years ago at an animal shelter, so unless you still have Poncho.... :P