Sunday, December 29, 2013

Bloodletters of Khorne

Before the end of this year I managed to finish a bunch of old school Bloodletters. I was lucky to get these really cheap on Ebay. They already had an ok paintjob, so I decided to give them a touch up on their old paintjob instead of stripping and re-painting. In the end I went pretty far on the touch up and it almost feels like I painted them from basecoat, but I guess the previous paintjob saved me some time and I also used it as a guideline for the looks I wanted.

I think they ended up looking really good and old school!

I chose to base them on round bases since I bought them for my World Eaters forces and if I ever chose to use them for Fantasy gaming I will probably be using them in skirmish and not in ranked up Warhammer style.

Blood for the Blood God!

Skulls for the Skull Throne!

My combined painted World Eaters of Khorne forces.

Even though I never planned to do a larger army for this project it looks like my forces are growing anyway. Next up is an old Bloodthirster, some Chaos Terminators and I have a Chaos Dreadnought too. This will make up a pretty good World Eaters skirmish force and who knows, maybe I run into some more minitures to bulk out the project in years to come.

To end off this post I add a picture from before and after my re-paint. I think they are much better now, but judge for yourself.

Before: Straight from Ebay!

After: Straight from Hell!

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  1. They look pretty nice! Their aspect is great. But be careful! Before you even realize you'll have that Dreadnought, some termies, a squad, then another, anytime later a Land Raider and two Rhinos... :D