Thursday, December 19, 2013

Kim Arashikage, Code Name: Jinx (G.I. Joe Project)

I decided on painting Jinx red after all. I am sure most people know her like that and I think I will be most happy about this in the long run anyway.

Showdown at the Arashikage temple.

The first time Jinx appears in the G.I. Joe comic books is in issue #59 in 1987, at first she wears a white ninja suit, but her looks is not really consistant for a long time, sometimes she has long hair, sometimes short, sometimes she wears a hood, sometimes not and sometimes she is also just in civilian clothes.

The first time Jinx is wearing her red ninja suit is on the cover of #91 in 1989, this is also the first time she is wearing a pointy hood. But inside the comic she doesn't have the pointy hood yet, but she is dressed in red.

Finally in #111 in 1991 she looks like the first carnation of her action figure; red ninja suit and the pointy hood. The action figure had been around since 1987, so it is kind of strange that it took so long for the comic book to adapt, but I guess it is not that important.

All this time she is mainly still using swords, so I think my choice of giving her a sword was a good idea. She is also using an uzi in issue #111, but I doubt that many people connect her with such a weapon.

So what we have at this point (in the comic) is Jinx in her red ninja suit and pointy hood, Storm Shadow is wearing white with camo and Billy has taken over Storm Shadows old suit. Snake Eyes is of course still wearing black and Scarlett is back to wearing her old costume after she had been jumping around in a white ninja suit for some time (mostly unhooded, but sometimes with hood).

Then there is still Firefly who is revealed to be the Faceless Master in a later issue, that is fine, but I will paint him in his old style. I doubt that I want Slice, Dice, Nightcreepers or the Ninja Squad, but I guess time will tell.

Down to the last renegade ninja.

So far I am pleased with how Jinx and the Arashikage ninjas turned out. I might need to go back and do a little work on the left eye on Jinx or other minor touch ups, but I am happy about my painting and converting on these models.

And once again I have run out of G.I. Joe miniatures, so hopefully I will get some more during Christmas and if that fails I will buy a couple to paint in January.

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  1. I really like this project, it is turning up quite interesting! I'm looking forward to see more minis soon!