Monday, July 27, 2015

Contemptor Class Dreadnought

A bit back to the roots of my blog. Old school Rogue Trader madness. This time I once more expanded on my Blood Angels army. I decided to paint a Dreadnought with a lot of inspiration from the Blood Angels Dreadnought in the Rogue Trader book.

I did some, but not all, of the markings and of course the shark teeth. I think he looks really killer and fit in well with the rest of my army. Not the best paint job in the world, but well enough for gaming.

Contemptor Class Dreadnought "Chuck" with a bunch of Marines.



  1. That's boss!

    I reckon with these guys the markings make'em. Probably true for most RT stuff, truth be told.

    Paint jobs fine, basings fine.....all good :)

  2. Very cool!


  3. Perfect work! Love seeing these dreadnoughts painted well, they're not the easiest of figures to get right! Super good job.

  4. Fecking brilliant.
    I'll chime in with "the one" and say that the markings really do make them.
    As it happens I've been on the hunt for one of these for my own (2nd ed) BA's...want one even more now!

  5. well done indeed - you have captured the original well