Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Deredo Class Dreadnought

One more Dreadnought done. This time I laid some paint on the classic Deredo Class Attack Support Dreadnought. Armed with a powerfist and a missile launcher it is ready to take on both armour and infantry.

Once again I gave this Dreadnought a pretty basic paintjob, adding a few details here and there. I got inspired by a picture of a Dreadnought in the Compendium book and gave this one a Cat face with eyes, whiskers and fangs. It is hard to see in the pictures, since he is leaning forward, so the face is in the shadows a lot.

Deredo Class Dreadnought "Eddy" with Marines and a Contemptor.

Ork Raiders on the attack.

Massive Dreadnought resistance.

Next to go: Furibundus Class Dreadnought.

Contemptor, Deredo and Furibundus Class Dreadnoughts.


  1. They look the goods!

    How'd you afix them together? Glue or pinning or copious amounts of both? Their a real bastard to keep from breaking due to their weight.

    Well done :)

    1. Sorry about my late reply. I have just been using super glue, it works so far. Time will tell if they fall apart on me.

  2. Brings back some great times! I had 3 of the Furi ones because they were so small and could hide behind stuff more easier then their Ork or Eldar counterparts.

    Also, be sure to pick up some of the old robots too. Those things were such a blast to program in the game.

    Great stuff,

    1. Thanks. I already have a bunch of robots, I am planning to paint them for my Squats though. But they will be in green military colours, so they might work fine with my Marines too.